Corporate Gift Ideas

If you are looking to liven up a corporate party with an amazing gift or want to strengthen your business with a premium company souvenir, look no further. I Gift More offers over 2000 premium gift options with full customisations from packaging to design to suit whatever idea you have in mind.

Find the Right Souvenir for Your Business

A successful company souvenir should be able to stand out and make a lasting impression on your customers, employees, and business associates. By incorporating your brand or company’s logo, colours, and themes into the design of a premium souvenir, you can remind them of your wonderful business partnership and extend your company’s influence into their network.

Want a pragmatic business gift that matches your company’s identity? Our trendy USB drives will carry your logo with style. Need a new corporate gift to kick up the team spirit? Our stylish bottles and t-shirts will give you an edge in the looks department. Whether you are looking for classy accessories or seasonal gifts such as handheld fans or heating jackets, I Gift More will always let you get creative by offering the biggest selection of business souvenirs you can find online.

Place Your Order Now

We welcome small orders and offer express manufacturing and shipment, comprehensive after-sales services, and IP licensing. Aside from our simple and rapid online ordering process, I Gift More also offers a variety of free and add-on services to give you an all-inclusive and ease-of-mind shopping experience.

With years of experience devising comprehensive gift solutions for companies of all sizes, our team of professionals is here to help you pick out and design the best souvenirs any business can offer in Hong Kong. Consultation is free of charge, so do not hesitate to make an appointment.

Work with Professional Designers

We know how exhausting it is to communicate back and forth between different parties. I Gift More’s talented design team have years of experience helping companies design unique and highly customised business souvenirs and can save you the hassle of finding a design agency.

We offer design and layout services at competitive rates, as well as custom gift development to help you create a truly unique souvenir that fits your company’s flair and style.

Visit Our Showroom

Don’t just browse our catalogue online, visit our showroom and get a sample of our business souvenirs before making a purchase! Our convenient location in Kwun Tong is less than a five-minute walk away from the MTR station. You can learn more about visiting us here.

Contact us

If you have any questions or enquiries regarding our corporate gifts, service, or delivery, do not hesitate to contact our sales representative now. To make things more convenient for you, I Gift More is now available on Whatsapp. You can find our contact information here.

中秋禮品選擇技巧!! 如何從競爭對手中突圍而出?!



作為商家,有沒有試過產品賣不出,只是做打折優惠,剛開始還有些成效,不過當打折次數愈多,成效就慢慢減弱?而且打折促銷是其他競爭對手都能做到的優惠,沒有獨一性,大家進行的時候,就會產生惡性循環,除非你能拿到最低的成本,比其他商家做到更大的優惠,不然的話就沒有什麼成效了。 不如試試禮品營銷,與普通贈品優惠不一樣,可以為商銷製作專屬禮品,突出形象又不可炒襲,最後計算一下成本,可能比直接減價促銷賺得更多。


看到其他企業製作禮品,感覺成效驚人,總是能夠引起話題,塑造企業形象,可是自己送出的禮品卻不見有任何效果? 其實贈送禮品其中包含很多意想不到的元素,不是隨意選擇,加上公司LOGO就可以達到您心中的效果。一旦其中某個元素出現差錯就會變得前功盡廢。 那麼現在就為大家介紹選擇禮品時需要注意的3大因素,提升訂製企業禮品的成效吧!

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